TYY Conventional Fire Alarm System
One of Taiwan’s market leaders when it comes to manufacturing Fire Safety equipment, TYY, brings you its affordable and multi-function YF-1 Conventional Fire Alarm System. This can provide a large capacity of supervised Class A or B (UL Style D or B) Initiating Circuits and Class A or B (UL Style Z or Y) Indicating Circuits. This series is inclusive of a high-quality and effective fire alarm control panel, photoelectric smoke detector, manual call point, and fire alarm bell.



Two-stage Alarm Delay Feature
Automatic reset of signal and 8-second standby after the first detection. If there is another trigger sent by the detector within 9-40 seconds, the control panel will now sound the fire alarm. This precautionary step prevents the equipment from sending false alarms.
Standby Battery Protection
In an event of a power outage, the standby battery is under DC 18V, it will automatically stop discharging to extend life and usage.
Protection against Lightning Surge
Built-in power supply module to protect the device against damage caused by high voltage or sudden power surge.
No Limit for Heat Detectors
Up to 29 heat detectors can be connected per loop.
Quality Control
All the products pass a strict inspection and are approved by CE and CNS.
Modular Design
The system has independent inputs/outputs terminals. If there is a problem on site, users do not have to remove external wires and can easily replace defective parts – improving efficiency and cutting costs for maintenance and inspection.
Exterior Design
The zone display panel board is made of flame retardant plastic. It has a simple design for clear indication of zone’s name, floor, building, properties, etc.

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