ZKTeco X8s

X8s is the most innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm with excellent reliability, precision and matching speed.


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  • Simple access control function, no communication,  touch keypad, doorbell
  • Fingerprint Capacity: 500 Templates
  • Card Capacity: 500
  • Transaction Capacity: N/A
  • Sensor: ZK Optical Sensor
  • Algorithm Version: ZKFinger VX10.0
  • Access Control Interface: 3rd Party Electric Lock, Door Sensor,  Exit Button,  Alarm,  Doorbell
  • Standard Function: Simple access control function, ID card
  • Optional Function: Mifare Card
  • AC Adapter:12V DC, 3A
  • Operating Temperature:0 °C- 45 °C
  • Operating Humidity: 20%-80%
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH):90×90×38.9mm


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