UV Flash Light

Safeguard your business from fraudulent clients. This Electronic Mini Money Bill Currency Detector UV light will not only count your cash, it can also detect fake notes that ordinary eyes will probably miss.

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Being the latest generation of money counter, this model is the vanguard of the evolution in bill counting technology. Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics and multifunction capabilities. Different from other back-loading counter, the Electronic Mini Money Bill Currency Detector employs many new function detection methods which other back-loading counter doesn’t have. It works with ultraviolet light technology to detect both half-notes and fake bills. This Electronic Mini Money Bill Currency Detector UV Light machine will show if a note is Counterfeit simply place the note under the UV Light Bulb and it shows up the watermark.

Ideal for a business with the increased amount of counterfeit notes that are being passed around. It can be an easy way to save on money that can be easily accepted at businesses as they cannot recognize the fake notes which are of real high quality. Improved in many aspects of internal structure which make it quite different from other counting machine, this high-tech compact counting machine is easy to operate and repair. .


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