U-Pointer Electronic Virtual Whiteboard

Make every meeting presentations and class sessions exciting and collaborative through U-Pointer. It is a portable device that can turn any surfaces into interactive whiteboards with an intuitive image processing technology.



U-Pointer effortlessly supports different media formats including images, texts, and video with ease and high quality. It also perfectly captures the U-Pointer Pen’s movements and fluidly displays the motions.



  • U-Pointer will simultaneously display your saved presentations and U-Pointer Pen’s movements at the wall.

Available to any sizes and types of display

  • The device supports up to 150 inches of display with high quality performance.

Easy and simple installation

  • It can be mounted to tables and ceilings.


  • It has auto calibration for higher accuracy.

Accurate pen work

  • The high resolution of the U-Pointer enables the capability to write in 20 font size letters.


  • A maximum of 10 users can write simultaneously as well as control the interactive whiteboard.


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