TYY Fire Alarm Control Panel YF-1

Prevent sending false alarms through TYY YF-1 Fire Alarm Control Panel complete with a two-stage alarm delay function. The first signal that is sent will be reset and the panel will enter 8 seconds standby. At the second stage, if another signal is detected within 9 to 40 seconds, the panel will finally alert the fire alarms.



Number of Loops 5L
Power Source 110V AC 50/60HZ or 220V AC 50/60HZ
Standby Battery 24V DC
Charging Voltage Below DC26V 450mA, trickle charging
Circuit Voltage 24V DC operation voltage, under 10~11VDC  32mA
Rated Impedance Under 50Ω, Ground Resistance above 2MΩ
Detector Connection No limitation for Conventional Rate of Rise Heat / Fixed Temperature Heat Detectors ;  Up to 30 Photoelectric Smoke Detectors (DC 24V 40μA) per zone
E.O.L Resistor 10KΩ


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