Money Counter 2

Stacks of bills add up quickly, and there’s no better way to keep track of your overall cash count than with an automatic money counter. Many of these machines come with additional features to ensure your everyday business runs as smoothly as possible. They alert you to the presence of counterfeit bills and some units sort currency based on denomination.


High-capacity money counters speed up the process of counting bills since a large stack capacities result in less time loading the machine. While the unit works through a primary stack, you can often add the next stack into a hopper to expedite the process.
Counterfeit Detection
Most commercial money counters offer some form of counterfeit detection. Many official currencies, including U.S. currency, use both magnetic and ultraviolet inks, and specific functions on the units can detect the presence or lack of these inks.
Money counters are more efficient than counting bills manually, but some models work much faster than others. Look for a machine with a speed that exceeds at least 1,000 bills per minute. Units that offer slower speeds are often low-end units that may also require a second or third count to ensure accuracy.


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