K-Yan All-in-one Device Projector

The K-Yan or “Knowledge Vehicle” is one of the leading integrated multimedia devices enabling a high-tech and revolutionized learning experience. Maximize the combined capabilities of a projector, computer, interactive whiteboard, DVD player, and audio system in a compact, easy to use unit.

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K-Yan is an all-in-one educational device completed with K Class – an academic support system. Through K-Yan, K Class offers teachers a total of 10,000 digital materials consisting of multimedia lessons, videos, mindmaps, assessments, and practice sheets for Science, Mathematics, and Social Science subjects.

Designed with Make You Own Lesson (MYOL) feature, K Class also provides various presentation formats to teachers, along with various content and images to build their own lesson presentations.


K-Yan as standalone projector

  • Pre-loaded with 2D/3D multimedia contents that aid better understanding of concepts.
  • Its ultra-bright projection enables the device to be used in open grounds.
  • The hard disk as well as built-in internet connectivity provides unlimited access to educational materials for learners everywhere.
  • Integrated with audio amplifier and dual speakers.
  • Easy to use buttons to focus or change the quality of projected images.
  • The device has DVD RAM Drive capable of reading DVDs, data CDs, playing VCDs, Audio CDs, MP3 CDs, as well as writing on CD-R, CD-RW, and DVD.
  • Packaged with accessories such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, wireless keyboard & mouse, and remote.


K-Yan in Interactive Whiteboard mode

  • Basic free hand writing
  • Different kind of boards – White, Green, Graph, Alphabet Notes, and Music Notes
  • Select, Cut, Copy, and Paste features
  • Recording feature using webcam and replaying Saved Files for repeat use
  • Importing images and graphical diagrams from the Clipart option under Boards option
  • Ease of content cropping and drawing of graph
  • Spotlight and Curtain Features
  • Multi-writing features
  • Using Interactive Pen in Windows mode
  • Handwriting recognition (Intelligent pen)
  • Demonstrating Mathematical tools (Ruler, Compass etc.)
  • Drawing figures like circle, triangles, rectangle with dimensions and intelligent pen
  • Audio and video recording with save option
  • Show resource library and Cloud option


Device Components

  1. Projector Lens
  2. DVD RAM Drive
  3. Projector Control
  4. Focus Controller
  5. Power Button
  6. Volume Control
  7. Built-in speakers with audio amplifiers
  8. Power Socket
  9. USB Ports
  10. Ethernet Port
  11. Audio Ports
  12. VGA Port

Additional information

WEIGHT 20 kg
OPTIONS i3 4GB Memory, i5 8GB Memory


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