Denaku Bill/Money Counter Machine PB-2820

The PB-2820 is a compact and stylish money counter device with two LCD displays. Save time and eliminate manual bill computing through its micro-computerized mechanism that provides accurate and high-speed money counting of up to 1,000 bills per minute.


The PB-2820 is suitable for all currencies and is built with ADD and BATCH functions for fast adding up and giving of exact money. It is a useful tool for banks, supermarkets, retails, and other businesses where cash transaction is a daily operation.


  • Counting speed: 1000 notes/min
  • Automatic detecting with UV & MG while counting
  • With side and front LCD display
  • Automatic start, stop, and clearing
  • With Batching, Adding, and Self-examination functions
  • Automatic half note detection
  • Suitable for most currencies in the world


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