Denaku Bill/Money Counter Machine HL-2000

The HL-2000 is a compact and stylish money counter device with an external LCD display. Save time and eliminate manual bill computing through its micro-computerized mechanism that provides accurate and high-speed money counting process of up to 1,000 bills per minute.


The HL-2000 Money Counter is completed with ADD and BATCH functions for fast adding up and giving of exact money. It comes with UV and MG counterfeit detection features perfect for banks, supermarkets, retails, and other businesses where cash transaction is a daily operation.

  • Automatic UV (Ultraviolet) Counterfeit Detection
  • Automatic MG (Magnetic) Counterfeit Detection for other Currencies
  • Half-note and Double-note Detection
  • Comes with free external LED Display
  • Automatic Counting with Batching mode


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